If I was Monet…

When the bricks began to be thrown through Mosques, I remember I had to re-evaluate my own prejudices from growing up in an isolated mostly white society and choose to follow that path or to walk away from it and embrace a better way.


Embers here remainPassion’s flameCharred and scarredBetrayal of lustSeduction’s gameLove no chanceForbidden fruits givenSpoiled and rottenDriven into the dustIniquities denTattered bits of laceThe lover’s couchScattered and tornClothing ripped¬†Adulterer’s touchThere lies the bodyNaked is the tartBroken and bentDeath of angelCause a broken heartC. Lin Rawlins November 6 1999¬©


Your eyes didn’t just hypnotize
Your mind leaves me mesmerized


Set free I soar
Above the sorrow

The Gift

Yet ever so gently you tugged
My hand to lead me to grass

Love is an Axe

Defeated and betwixt
Crossroads of pain
Hope has drained

Please be there

Actions cry out loudly of a truth.
Blood does not run as deep as thought.