Time and all eternity

We are rarely given enough time

Time to see the sights and hear the sounds

Time to touch, feel, and smell

The sound of your child’s laughter on Christmas morning

The sound of footfalls tiptoeing quietly into your room at night

The sound of a child’s prayer being said in reverence

The sight of a friend not long seen

The sight of children graduating; getting married, and having children of their own

The sight of evidence of God in a sunset or sunrise

The touch of a child’s wet kiss

The touch of a spouse’s hair and shoulder

The touch of comfort or slap on the back for a job well done

The feel of a child holding your hand

The feel of the wind on our face that let’s us know God is there

The smell Family home cooked dinners

The smell of pine and crackling fires

The smell of a child’s hair

We are given time to love

To love all the things we see, smell, touch, hear, and feel

We are given time to love

Beyond this moment, beyond the grave, forever and ever.

Love is never fleeting

Love is never just for a moment

It lasts and lasts in a forever circle

God’s great passion and mission

That what we do here not last for time

That what we do here lasts for all eternity

C. Lin Rawlins May 3 2009

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