Time and all eternity

We are rarely given enough time Time to see the sights and hear the sounds Time to touch, feel, and smell The sound of your child’s laughter on Christmas morning The sound of footfalls tiptoeing quietly into your room at night The sound of a child’s prayer being said in reverence The sight of a…

My Angel of the Night

My angel of the night On swift wings come for me Are you dressed with the form of man? Here to bleed my soul into eternity? Or with feathered wings of white? My angel of the night Come swiftly then on your wings Take me into your arms Feel how my heart beats and sings…


Your eyes didn’t just hypnotize
Your mind leaves me mesmerized


Set free I soar
Above the sorrow

The Farmer’s Wife

Yet you stride into the kitchen to see your sweet wife

You offer a weak smile and kiss her soft cheek.


Surface Tension broken
Rippling across surface

*Image – Austin Bat’s Bridge in Texas, my Shutterbug capture, October, 2017.

The Gift

Yet ever so gently you tugged
My hand to lead me to grass

Please be there

Actions cry out loudly of a truth.
Blood does not run as deep as thought.