Reality Checks

Time to check in with reality The often unpaid or accepted bill Who wishes to face this head on? Awareness of missteps that enlarge In hindsight with guilt and remorse While our triumphs began to deflate in the distance Struggle to find a balance between self recrimination And the determination to evolve into something better…


Trembling in the hope of rejoiceful reciprocation


Enfant Gentle one lying in my armsYour eyes and smileExamples of sweet charms How I wish that some wayI could shelter you from all harm I long to cradle youAll your lifeBut if I truly love youI cannot … I must stand byMy duty I must doTo watch you suffer Laugh and grow Practice at kissing…

Cherry Blossoms

I dreamed again of you and cherry blossoms Springtime in Japan the air so heavy with the scent Wafting across avenues and gardens A perfume of priceless memory lingering Our hands clasped as we walked past rich temples Koi ponds with the scattering laughter Children with their families taking in sights Sounds of birds and…


Challenges are sandpaper
Refines my spirit

Black Widow

You desire?
Then embrace
Passion’s fire

If I was Monet…

When the bricks began to be thrown through Mosques, I remember I had to re-evaluate my own prejudices from growing up in an isolated mostly white society and choose to follow that path or to walk away from it and embrace a better way.

Sleeping Beauty

“Does she not exist in all women? Who blossom into beauty… Awakened with love’s first kiss?” I feel as if I am stripped Bare of leaves and fragrance Dormant against winter’s passage Yearning for spring To arrive to my heart For me to blossom Again from a true love kiss C. Lin Rawlins 9-26-99©   …

Thinner Ground

Teasing terrors fray the broken Heart of my promised dreams The difference of a fantasy Between bitter reality it seems Safety cannot be found in others Imperfect unaware expectations Love cannot be wished for Either freely given or push it away Gasping on thin air Trembling uneven thinner ground Quaking passionate hopes Dashed to shards…


I want someone to hold me
I want someone to tease me
Let me laugh and smile again