Confusion is found in maintenance
Embattled with knowledge
I go questing for solutions

Challenges are sandpaper
Refines my spirit
My answers are in jeopardy

Sometimes honest endeavors found
Then we find the question
Attempting to interlock

Random guesses resolve
Hunches based on instinct
Our deep reserves for survival

Trusting ourselves
Bitter in our determination
Following a self created walkway

Happiness just out of grasp
Stretching fingers tip the knob
Doors that close while others open

Broken splinters of wood
Evidence of forced entry
Some by self others unlawful

C. Lin Rawlins Oct. 13 1998Β©


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  1. Sandpaper makes for a very diverse analogyβ€” From 40 Grit through to 2000 Grit that is still enough to ruin paintwork!

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    1. Yes it is. But it should let the beauty within wood to shine through. 😊

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      1. Mmm… We need to have a long conversation about this piece… It’s so rich with imagery. Coffee in Johannesburg sometime soon? πŸ™‚

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      2. As in South Africa? Or…? A conversation sounds delightful. How about by email first ?

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      3. I was just being a little bit facetious! But yes, via email is often a great alternative to long distances. I don’t trust teleportation just yet! πŸ™‚ I’ll mail you!


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