Cherry Blossoms

I dreamed again of you and cherry blossoms

Springtime in Japan the air so heavy with the scent

Wafting across avenues and gardens

A perfume of priceless memory lingering

Our hands clasped as we walked past rich temples

Koi ponds with the scattering laughter

Children with their families taking in sights

Sounds of birds and bicycles passing

Our footsteps soft and slow as we strolled

Enjoyment in our expressions gazing

With warm affection stealing glances

Soft subtle smiles both sweet and mischievous

Tugged at the corners of our mouths teasingly

A dream fading at the break of day

While the scent of cherry blossoms lingered

C.Lin Rawlins 11/08/2019

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  1. This is gorgeous! I happen to love sakura, and Japan. I really like this.


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