I seek

Years ago I met a kindred soul
My heart fell without consent of my head
For a lover in a marriage bed
He offered compassion in a world I had none
He offered laughter in a world I was shunned
We talked of interests in each other
Of heartaches of the past
Desire's for future's we cast
He offered friendship to my lonely door
He offered sex then nothing more
Needing an anchor in abuses darkened moat
My boat on rough waters tossed
When I gave love it was he I lost
The dream lover made for me
Came to represent someone like he
He was the closest to my soul
Although I have offered love
I ache in return to be loved
Hope as time drifted away
Resignation gaining day by day
Tallied I other traits I seem to like
A list I thought no one could fit
Kept from hurt became my safety net
Who could ever fill the mold to be who I ache to hold?
Men have fallen by the way
Sex is often all I see in their eyes
More to me they soon realize
Leaving them cast by the road
Unveiled it is finally me they behold
I have so much to give to one
Who will not share or harm
Protect me and love charm
Spark growing in the dark
Awake my hibernating heart
Words in screen lit darkness
Cliff's edge I slip from falling into starlit drum
My heart beating in night awakening to your light
Why deny what I am a woman full of need?
Caution my mind begs heed a chance would you give to me?
Let me your soul mate be
More I would of you
Not moments just in the dark
Sex and touch not just impart
Just to know that you exist
The world may not be so amiss
Achieve not of this with a kiss
Friendship grant me please
My troubled heart to ease
Give me the chance to ascertain
Walking hand in hand down life's lane
Dream lover perhaps you will mean
Our future will yet reveal to me
Destinies intertwined could we?
Some interests we share is true
Others we will not as is due
If you seek me in your heart
Pull me from sorrows dark
Cupids’ arrow may it find its mark
It is the core that is like mine
I have waited for all time
I seek not one on a pedestal
I seek the one right for my soul
I seek to be right for their soul
I seek
C. Lin Rawlins December 3 2001

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