Cherry Blossoms

I dreamed again of you and cherry blossoms Springtime in Japan the air so heavy with the scent Wafting across avenues and gardens A perfume of priceless memory lingering Our hands clasped as we walked past rich temples Koi ponds with the scattering laughter Children with their families taking in sights Sounds of birds and…

Sleeping Beauty

“Does she not exist in all women? Who blossom into beauty… Awakened with love’s first kiss?” I feel as if I am stripped Bare of leaves and fragrance Dormant against winter’s passage Yearning for spring To arrive to my heart For me to blossom Again from a true love kiss C. Lin Rawlins 9-26-99©   …


I want someone to hold me
I want someone to tease me
Let me laugh and smile again


Embers here remainPassion’s flameCharred and scarredBetrayal of lustSeduction’s gameLove no chanceForbidden fruits givenSpoiled and rottenDriven into the dustIniquities denTattered bits of laceThe lover’s couchScattered and tornClothing ripped Adulterer’s touchThere lies the bodyNaked is the tartBroken and bentDeath of angelCause a broken heartC. Lin Rawlins November 6 1999©

I seek

Years ago I met a kindred soulMy heart fell without consent of my headFor a lover in a marriage bedHe offered compassion in a world I had noneHe offered laughter in a world I was shunnedWe talked of interests in each otherOf heartaches of the pastDesire’s for future’s we castHe offered friendship to my lonely…


Tugging at my subconscious
Doubt trying to ignore
The longing breaking through
To me simply a door


A dalliance perhaps with our subconscious
Desire to put into words the unspoken

When I look into your eyes

When I look into your eyesI wonder …Is it finally him?Blue as ocean depthsI feel….Am I drowning?I never want to look awayI’m lost…Are we bound together?You take each breathI give…Is my heart enough?Each glance consumes meI burnCan you love me?Can I love you?Then burn….Let my glance consume youCan your heart be enough?Then give…I’ll take each…

Waning Moon

The waning moon fades…
Flickering as a candle